[ENG] What Leadership styles does ” Gen Y” prefer?

[ENG] What Leadership styles does ” Gen Y” prefer?

XY Generation

It’s time for generational change. The Generation X, born between 1960 and 1980, now has to deal with the new entrants in the network, the Generation Y. Something is changed, perhaps is it a new way of doing business? Yes, and the changement is so disruptive that is necessary to trigger a different leadership, made of different values and visions.
Generation X has experienced the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Cold War and the emergence of the Internet and companies linked to this world such as Google, Yahoo!, Amazon.

In “Metodo Laser” I write about the different Leadership CEOs need to manage employees.

Generation Y, called Millennial Generation, includes people born between the years eighties and the early years of the new century. This is the generation of digital natives, who found himself playing with electronics since childhood. We have done research, testimonies and case studies on new leadership of Millennials, of which we give below some advances.

Primarily affects their ability to work simultaneously on several fronts, ie work in multitasking. For example, they can write an email, search Google and exchange files via Skype at the same time, while they are in a videoconference.
They love to work with team work efficient and want to see results of their work in a direct and concrete way. They move with speed, working on several fronts, proceeding with attempts and course changes if something does not work, no apparent discomfort. For this they ask continuous answers on how to proceed with co-workers and bosses, what technically is defined feedback, looking through this tool to continuously improve their performance.

At the same time, in the face of a strong working frenzy, seek a balance between work and private life. The title of the study is not the final part of their learning, on the contrary the principle is affirmed continuing education. Millennials want to learn and, this, they are confident and attracted to the hectic environments, from things that allow them to manage more of an experience. Then seek flexibility in their work, a necessary condition to manage work, private life, continuous learning.
As regards the values they want honesty, respect, open communication and constant information from their bosses and co-workers.

What to do to attract the best potential of Generation Y? The recruitment phase seems more productive if it comes from experience to try to do something together rather than contacts cold. It is stated in the Generation Y culture experience, the next engagement (falling in love) before embracing the brand. Generation Y calls for more involvement, fewer rules, more heart and passion and less sense of duty end in itself.

Some rules to recruit the best talent Millennials:

1. Communicate strategic clarity about company policies. They must find consistency and confirmation on social media. The strategy to be disseminated at all levels, pervasive and clear. Not allowed uncertainties about the meaning of the business mission.

2. They enter the world of work with a cultural background and personal different from the previous generation: they are hyper, flexible, have different rhythms of life. You need to invent new ways to attract them and retain them, relying on their motivations and expectations, often different from those of Generation X, then accepting innovative formulas as teleworking, agreed planning of time, the international openings.

3. They demand and expect continuous feedback on their work and ask
comparisons on how to do things. Are not willing to accept
unclear roles and when they feel the problem ask checks. Strict rules and procedures they run the risk of stifling the creative drive of these new resources. For them it’s all about the procedure, anticipating what questions you can often find displaced a professional of Generation X.

4. They are available to provide their ideas and share them with others. Yu
might think that this goes beyond the task assigned to them, but this is the challenge to race in the new context. There is always the race to the new, that starts from the development of new ideas, which must be allowed to flow rather than repressed.

5. They are proponents of new working methods, such as Coaching and Mentoring, in the spirit of continuous improvement and greater awareness their potential. They are attracted by new challenges and ask to operate in challenging contexts. This is why they want to work side by side. Professionally able to monitor its performance and that they help reach targets otherwise unreachable with only the sole intention. They are in practice of working professionals, unlike the Generation X, populated by many “do it yourself”.