[ENG] “LASER METHOD” to manage productive Team

[ENG] “LASER METHOD” to manage productive Team

Gianni Simonato | Metodo Laser

In one word: pay attention to the voice of your Team!

As Corporate Board Members we use a particular method, called “Laser Method”, to create and manage the Team. Laser Method, because just like a laser light beam is aligned on four pillars to achieve superior performance. More light is blurred on these pillars and more inefficient are the results.

The 4 pillars: Thinking – Beliefs – Actions – Results

What does it mean “Laser Method”? The focus can be represented as a laser beam focused on results. Working with thousands of entrepreneurs and managers we realized that the best performance was obtained when the team was focused on these 4 pillars.

And best performances were related to actions. But when these actions were not adequate, performance was very low. So we worked to get a direct alignment between actions and results, changing actions, working on beliefs, changing the level of thinking. When just checking because actions have worked properly, every time we have found a solid system of empowering beliefs. We have never seen successful actions produced by a system of limiting beliefs.

For best results, in business, as in sports, action is needed. The action plan is the set of activities that given a certain goal, will lead to the final result. It’s useful to specify witch actions are under your control. Changes of past events, or unfair competitors in business are not part of the actions under your control. How to recognize and separate actions that are under or out your control?

“Thinking” is made up of questions about your vision, and it depends on your internal dialogue. And it is that inner voice that makes you feel good or inadequate, which puts you doubts or gives certainties. For example, the inner dialogue is typical: “The whole world is going through a long period of crisis and the market is falling down. I can’t do anything. I am waiting for a better future.” In this case the negative and poor level of thinking doesn’t allow to develop actions and results, off course.

This inner dialogue leads to the creation of a system of “beliefs”, which are the fuel to produce actions. “Actions” are not only a well structured plan of what to do, but they need sufficient support of beliefs, to be activated. A simple example: to know how to make a diet is simple, just surf the internet. But if you are convinced that you will not be able to lose weight, the action plans will remain only on paper. Have you ever set goals for the end of the year? Think of all the times when you did not continue with the plan of action and ask yourself what was your “Beliefs system” at that time.

We, as Corporate Board Members, work on the alignment of these four pillars. Practical experience in the field shows that people achieve only results they believe. In some cases, the system of Beliefs is responsible for 80% of the final results, even though the technical preparation was poor. Perhaps we can say that soft skills are more important than technical skills? It could be a good question.

Thinking, Beliefs, Actions, Results. Four pillars to align the Team on the final results, preparing Team to be aware of the challenges, ready to face failure in battle but confident of winning the war.