[ENG] Keep calm and Change Fast, very Fast!

[ENG] Keep calm and Change Fast, very Fast!

Gianni Simonato | Futuro

The world is moving and shifting fast and a large part of executives know it. But they are not enough. Companies have no other option: the need to change. Trying to cope, they are applying their best efforts to the structures, systems and processes they need to compete. Conventional thinking says that the right business structures will provide the efficiencies, innovation and agility that organizations need to succeed. We can call this practice Day by Day leadership.

Many top managers struggle to agree on outcomes, or even common ground for moving forward. Skilled individual leaders with impressive track records fail to collaborate. They don’t know how to work together to understand difficult challenges, much less to resolve them. Instead, they continue to be constrained, operating with the head in the box and defaulting to traditional boundaries and turf battles.

The ability to integrate systems, collaborate with partners, and coordinate across the supply chain remains always difficult. Innovation is haphazard or thwarted, instead to be a basis process. Customer-focused strategies are uncoordinated and implementation is uneven.

In short, organizations are stuck. Frustrated executives work harder, longer and worse. As companies face change, they need to invest intentionally in a leadership culture that will match past, present and future, balancing Day By Day, development and innovation. The beliefs that drive leadership behaviors need to align with the operational business strategy. The 4 pillars to change are: Thinking, Beliefs, Actions, Results.

Corporate Board Member this is our mission, not easy to do, but it is necessary to aim the top in a changing world.