[ENG] How to promote Team Focus?

[ENG] How to promote Team Focus?

Gianni Simonato

SUM, Stand-Up-Meeting, seems to be one of the possible answer. During a stand up meeting people report at least three things:

  1. What was accomplished yesterday
  2. What to do today
  3. What Actions are causing problems.

At a typical business meeting most attendees do not contribute, but attend just to hear the outcome. A large amount of employees’ time is lost to gain a trivial amount of poor communication. Having many people attending every meeting drains resources from the work and also creates a loss of concentration of employees with respect to their task.

Exchange information among the entire team is the aim of the stand up meeting. A stand up meeting every morning, or in the afternoon or in the evening before leaving, is used to communicate problems, solutions, and promote team focus. The great secret is to reduce “fuzzy rays” from Actions to Results in the Team.


Everyone stands up in a circle to avoid long discussions. Is it more efficient to have one short meeting that every one is required to attend or to have meetings with many employees each?

When you have daily stand up meetings any other meeting’s attendance can be based on who will actually be needed and will contribute. Now it is possible to avoid even scheduling most meetings. With limited attendance most meetings can take place spontaneously in the workplace, exchanging information with the Team. The daily stand up meeting is not another meeting to waste people’s time. It will replace many other meetings giving a net savings of time, bringing people to achieve best Results through more effective Actions.