[ENG] Board Members: Manager or Leader

[ENG] Board Members: Manager or Leader


Perhaps the great difference between management and leadership is that leaders do not have to hold a management position. A person can be a leader without a formal title. In fact Leaders have followers, Managers have subordinates.

Managers are hired to get things done often within tight constraints of time and money. They thus naturally pass on this work focus to their subordinates.

Where is the focus of a Corporate Board Member, is it on work or on people?

Boards have 3 primary roles: to establish policies, to make significant and strategic decisions, and to oversee the organization’s activity.

Decisions vary along two dimensions: control and performance. The first considers how much we can influence the terms of the decision and the outcome. Are we choosing among options presented to us, or can we shape those options? Are we making a onetime judgment, unable to change what happens after the fact, or do we have some control over how things play out once we’ve made the decision? The second dimension addresses the way we measure success. Is our aim to do well, no matter what anyone else does, or do we need to do better than others? That is, is performance absolute or relative?

Leadership is about effectiveness through trust, inspiration and people. Leaders often challenge the status quo that managers spend much of their time upholding to bring innovation to organizations. Leadership is visionary, change-savvy, creative, agile and adaptive. Managers are concerned with the bottom line, while leaders spend time looking at the horizon.

“The problems that exist in the world today can not be solved by the same level of thinking created them.” – Albert Einstein

I strongly believe that to be in charge of Board Member has to do with Leadership rather than with Management. All is about the “Level of thinking”.

Managers can not think outside the box, Leaders must do it!